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What can an Exterior Service Company do for you?

Do your exterior services companies inspect your properties? Do they offer proactive suggestions to improve your brand, or eliminate an existing hazard? Are inspections performed on a schedule, multiple times annually, documented both in writing and with pictures, and are available to you via a website you can view anywhere you need?

DENTCO® does this and more! DENTCO inspects what we expect. Does your vendor?

How does your vendor ensure your expectations are being met? The best business partners perform seamlessly; that’s what you hire them to do.

Why does DENTCO emphasize the importance of site inspections?

  • No one can “manage” your exteriors without inspecting the properties to ensure your specifications and expectations are being met.
  • Site inspections provide real time visibility into your vendor’s performance, creating total transparency.
  • We must engage at the local level to ensure success at your corporate office.
  • Inspections = proactive management

DENTCO will manage your exterior needs, removing pains associated with exterior services.

When you become tired of wondering why your snow removal company has not plowed; when your irrigation leak will be fixed; how you can transform your landscape to create curb appeal; and when your provider will get around to power sweeping and pressure washing, turn to the nation’s #1 ESM Company!

To ensure no more exterior worries, just call DENTCO!


By Lena Sliver

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