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DENTCO Video Interview Questions


Scott Milnes


play video How DENTCO became the leader in Exterior Service Management.
play video How DENTCO keeps customers and employees happy.
play video Does DENTCO have a unique employee culture?
play video What is DENTCO's relationship with its Contractor Partners?
play video Briefly explain DENTCO’s mission and history.

Justin Dent


play video How does DENTCO identify scope-of-work?
play video What’s the DENTCO system for benchmarking CPs?
play video What is the qualification process for Contractor Partners?
play video Is DENTCO self-performing?

Teresa Phelps

National Sales Director

play video How does DENTCO deliver site specific reports?
play video How does DENTCO go above and beyond?
play video How does DENTCO provide proof of performance?
play video What happens to my existing contractors if we partner with DENTCO?
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