Thinking about snow in summer? You should be. Now is the time to secure snow contracts. - DENTCO

Thinking about snow in summer? You should be. Now is the time to secure snow contracts.

Although it may be nearing 100 degrees in some parts of the country, now is the time for facility managers to start pursuing snow removal contracts for the upcoming snow season. If your business has multiple locations across different cities and states, it’s easiest and more streamlined to work with an exterior services management company to help you secure and manage contracts in all these locations. 

This is where DENTCO comes in to help. We’ll help you develop the scope of work for you if you don’t have one that is best suited for your company and specific needs. We will establish the contracts with our contractor partners and manage all the paperwork and services, allowing you and your team to focus on your customers. As part of this, we will perform pre-and postseason site inspections to look for pre-existing damage as well as any damage our contractors may have done while servicing the site. And we’ll ensure repairs all are completed for you. 

We’ll also make sure the services are done and up to quality standards, and most important of all, help reduce any possible liability. 

Here’s how the DENTCO Difference works: 

Scope of Work and Contracts 

When you work with DENTCO on a snow removal scope of work and contract, we will make sure all your locations have the necessary level of work included – such as whether you want your contract to be per push or seasonal. 

A seasonal snow removal contract is a flat monthly fee regardless of the number of times the locations are serviced based on scope of work. Most clients choose this when they are looking to have an established fixed snow budget. With per push, you will be billed each time a service is provided. With either program, there is a “trigger” for when the snow removal contractor will automatically go out to service the site, which is typically when two inches of snow is on the ground or there are icy and slippery conditions warranting a salting treatment. 

Seasonal snow removal should be a multi-year contract because some years have heavy snow while some have light snow, and over the years the costs will average out.  

We Ensure Proof of Services Performed 

With our DENTCO Verified mobile app that our contractor partners (CPs) are required to use each time they service a location, DENTCO tracks and manages the quality of services at your sites to ensure they are being done on time and according to contract and scope. 

We HelReduce the Possibility of Liability 

By having a snow removal contractor handle all snow services, your liability is greatly reduced. When everything is included in the scope of work (such as plowing and salting parking lots, and clearing and salting both private and municipal sidewalks), the contractors assume the liability.  

Contractors must have the insurance needed for the work being provided. DENTCO also manages any liability, such as a slip and fall, and any issue would qualify under our two-tiered system.  

DENTCO and our contractor partners (CPs) hold numerous insurance policies to cover the liability of providing snow removal services. These policies are designed to protect our customers from any damages that might occur on their property, either to physical assets or people. A General Liability policy of $2 million is the standard and our CPs also have policies covering automobile liability and workers’ compensation in place. 

Contact Us Today 

Now is the time to contact us to secure your snow removal services at all your sites. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can reach out to contractors on your behalf and get your businesses prepared for snow.  

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