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The Importance of the Customer Experience

Here are the top seven reasons that the customer experience is so important:happy face and sad face

  1. Improves customer satisfaction
  2. Fosters repeat customers and customer loyalty
  3. Increases customer advocacy and referrals
  4. Reduces customer churn
  5. Creates a competitive advantage
  6. Increases revenue and sales
  7. Builds stronger customer relationships

The total customer experience is the product of all interactions a customer will have with a company over the duration of their relationship. This experience will evolve throughout the process as expectations and relationships change and could help give your business a competitive edge.
Jerry Gregoire, former Chief Information Officer of Dell Computers, says that, “The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.” The customer experience has been considered the Holy Grail and companies are finding that “great” customer service while still important is only one aspect of the total customer experience.
The investment in your customers experience will help to ensure you are meeting or exceeding the expectations set. Shifting the focus from an individual interaction to the experience delivered across the entire customer journey will help to establish a consistency throughout each point of the experience. Understanding who your customers are and what they need will build upon their experience. This will also help you to connect and empathize with the situations they are facing while you facilitate a resolution and remain customer centric.
DENTCO is invested in the entire customer journey, and we enjoy being a portion of your Exterior Service Management experience.

Kailee Dean

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