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The Importance of Landscaping

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Whether your properties are in a mild climate and require year-round landscape maintenance or are in a northern region with a “green season,” our team will ensure they always have a fresh appearance.  


Landscaping is one of the most important aspects of curb appeal. For all types of commercial buildings including retail, restaurants, convenience stores, financial institutions and even industrial buildings, a clean and well-kept landscape can make a difference in whether a customer chooses to return or not. In other words, poorly maintained exteriors, including beautification, can cost your stores money.   


The Role of Landscaping 

Beyond aesthetics, your exteriors also have a very functional role in determining traffic flow and defining space. If landscaping is not well-designed, installed, and maintained, it can also create a number of safety-related issues. This could include fallen branches, overgrown bushes, trip hazards, or places for insects to infest and breed.  


Services to Consider  

Keeping your green areas in crisp condition involves a variety of landscape management services, and a streamlined delivery process is essential for ensuring proper, timely execution. 


DENTCO’s full landscape services and management can include: 

  • Complete lawn care 

  • Planting bed maintenance 

  • Spring and fall cleanup 

  • Tree trimming 

  • Tree and shrub pruning 

  • Turf maintenance 

  • Irrigation 

  • Landscape construction and renovations 

  • Mulch installation 

  • Exterior asset inventories 


Consolidation of Services 

When you’re managing multiple properties, it’s beneficial to have one company handle supervising the different landscape contractors and services needed at those locationsIt helps reduce paperwork, saves facility managers time and money, ensures your brand is consistent throughout your portfolio and allows you to focus on other important issues for your locations.  


DENTCO will source contractors in different locations, determine the best scope of work, and ensure a quality services are performed. The MyDENTCO app holds the contractors accountable and provides proof of performanceOur onsite inspections provide real time photos so you can keep an eye on your properties without being there in person. 


Contact us and request a demo today to experience the DENTCO Difference! 

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