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Spring Landscaping

Landscaping in the garden. path in gardenDepending on where you are in the United States you may feel as though winter will never end. With spring comes more than just April showers and May flowers. We should be forward thinking about the necessity and importance of a proper spring cleanup in order to increase curb appeal and be aesthetically pleasing.

In order to get the landscaping season off on the right foot there are several items that should be considered:

  • Cleanup of entire property to remove winter debris
  • Pruning to remove dead branches from the winter and promote growing conditions. You will want to verify the blooming schedule of the plant material you are pruning prior to the pruning.
  • Dead plant material should be removed, with replacement occurring at the appropriate time of the season.
  • Installation of seed or sod in areas of declining turf.
  • Application of a pre-emergent for weed control.
  • Aeration of the lawn will allow for a greater movement of water, fertilizer, and air which will aide in stimulating healthier turf conditions.

Mulch applications in the spring are also recommended, as the mulch can be easier to spread without plant material in bloom. Irrigation will be another key spring component as you will want to run through the system to determine if there are any repairs needed before moving into the summer heat.

While some of these tasks may be more time consuming, each can play a vital role in the overall appearance of your property, both residential and commercial. With spring just around the corner, the DENTCO® team is prepared for the transition out of winter and looking forward to a busy 2018.

By Kailee DeWitt

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