Snow & Ice Removal Management Services

Options for Snow Removal Services:

Per Push

  • Automatic Trigger

  • Based on square footage, scope, geographical area, and services that need to be completed.


  • Automatic Trigger

  • Based on historical snowfall, square footage, scope, geographical area and services that need to be completed.

  • This program is designed for clients who desire a fixed monthly cost for snow services.

  • Pre-Season Planning Program in July-August

  • Prompt Electronic Invoicing

  • 24/7 Customer Call Center

  • On-Time Service Providers

  • 100% Risk Management

  • Custom Services to Meet Your Specifications

Don’t let the snowdrifts of winter mask the curb appeal of your multi-site properties.

DENTCO is prepared to help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of last year’s plan, refocus your operation’s specifications and establish snow response procedures that will save time, money, manpower and potential liability during the winter months.

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