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DEWITT, Mich., June 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — DENTCO recently updated the DENTCO Verified mobile app used by their nationwide network of contractor partners (CPs). The changes include more features and a quicker upload time with other key upgrades.

The 2.0 version allows CPs to be more streamlined in their processes. Companies can train their team to use the app to keep track of where they work. Contractor partners can view submissions and know if it was successful in real time. The app now uses geo coordinates to help pinpoint a location.

The DENTCO Verified app and MyDentco portal launched in April 2015 for 8,000+ CPs. A lack of a networking signal and upload time affected CPs from using the app to its full capacity before the update.

“We listen to what our CPs tell us,” said DENTCO President Scott Milnes. “The easier we make their job, the better the end product for our clients.”

HCP Associates, a Tampa-based national research firm, conducted a recent survey. Over 80 percent of CPs said they like to see the submissions immediately. With the MyDentco portal, CPs can view all up-to-date invoices and legal documents.

In the survey, 92 percent of CPs who consistently use the app enjoy the simplicity.

“It saves me time,” said Michael Saban, owner of Saban Lawn Care. “There’s less paperwork at the end of the month.”

The DENTCO Verified 2.0 mobile app also:

  • Automatically confirms verification data has been uploaded successfully
  • Delivers real-time data to customers
  • Makes sure all the data required is collected, ensuring success
  • Eliminates bugs and glitches
  • Uses geo coordinates to narrow down a location
  • Gives users options to wait to upload later, if internet connection speed is causing uploading delays
  • Faster processing to upload pictures

The DENTCO Verified 2.0 app is immediately available for download. To download the app, users can go to iTunes for use on iPhones and iPads, or to Google Play for use on Android.

For more information on MyDentco or DENTCO Verified, visit or call 800-993-3689.

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