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Long-Term Partnerships

In the last quarter, NAM Chat addressed some dynamics of new customer roll outs. DENTCO’s relationship-driven services offer both new and established customers important strategic meetings. After startup, it is essential that we meet face-to-face in three to six months to ensure expectations are being met, and your brand maintains its integrity. This meeting will present the perfect opportunity to finetune critical items such as making sure our frequency and quality of communication meets the clients’ specific needs. For many long-standing loyal customers, these meetings have become opportunities to brainstorm, share important insights and evaluate progress. As your facilities evolve, so should our relationship and support to maintain them.

The goal here at DENTCO is to cultivate long-term partnerships and add value to your individual site locations that will in turn influence your customers in a positive way before they enter your facility.
One of the most overlooked opportunities in meetings is devoting time to sharing long-term strategies. It is critical to collaborate not only where you want to be in three months, but also where you envision being in three years. When you take the opportunity to share what your strategies and goals are, it is beneficial to both parties. This allows you to utilize our professional experience in exterior services and help make overall improvements to your management program provided by DENTCO. In exchange, we become a better management company by broadening our view of your company’s immediate needs and how they fit into the future vision.

Our strategy is to help you achieve your long-term vision while we work on short-term results that help your vision become a reality. We look forward to the next face-to-face meeting we have with you.

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