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Leaf Cleanup

summer 2017
While we may be in the midst of summer, the cooler months are already closing in on us. One of the first signs that summer is nearing its end and fall is approaching is the beautiful transformation of the leaves on the trees. And when those leaves fall, so begins the time for fall cleanup.

Proper leaf cleanup in the fall is a crucial component of ensuring the lawn looks its best come the spring. If a fall cleanup is not completed properly, several problems can occur. Leaves left on the lawn suffocate it by depriving the turf of oxygen and sunlight. This will cause brown patches or a decline in the overall health of the lawn. In addition, these leaves can trap moisture within the turf which can create additional issues such as fungus.

Other key components of a full fall cleanup are typically a fall pruning to ensure a neat winter appearance and to prevent snow and ice damage. Perennial flowers and ornamental grasses are cut back to promote proper spring growth. Some would even recommend a fall mulch turning and fall fertilizer to aid in a healthy turf. Putting in the time to complete a proper cleanup in the fall will help to ensure you are starting the spring off in the right direction with a crisp landscape.

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