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Landscaping Tips for the Spring

Spring is a time when many of us are looking to refresh and spruce up our properties. Here are some helpful tips when determining where to focus in on your property:

• Reach your long-term goal for a location’s curb appeal by setting a series of short-term goals.
• Create a unique, functional and attractive design for each site.
• Consider how the space is used and if there is a need to renovate.
• Select the right plant for the right place. Plants placed in inappropriate growing conditions (lighting, moisture, temperature, etc.) become stressed and are more prone to pest problems. Also keep in mind that selecting a diverse plant list can discourage plant pests and disease while increasing the sustainability of your landscaping.
• Choose plant material that is appropriately scaled to the planting area.
• Consider your mulch options as mulching is a great way to instantly brighten up a property. Mulch is also very bene¬cial to your landscaping in that it holds in moisture, moderates soil temperature, and reduces weed growth.
• Prune your plant material in accordance with its natural growth pattern. You do not want to prune too early in the growth cycle preventing blooming and proper growth.
• Discuss with your landscaper the health of your lawn. Is it receiving the proper nutrient levels?

Do you have weeds that need to be treated? Determining the answers to these questions can help you establish a turf program that will be speci¬c to your location’s needs.
Regardless of what landscaping area you choose to focus on for your property’s exterior this spring, DENTCO is here to help you through this process.

By Angela Hills

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