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Going Green!

Xeriscaped Outdoor Shopping Mall with clean landscapingThe world we live in is becoming more and more environmentally conscious, so it is important to think about eco-friendly trends for your landscaping and locations in general. Not only will these trends add to your curb appeal, but they might help your company keep a little extra green in the bank.  One of these trends is Xeriscaping.

Xeriscaping (Not Zero scaping) can be described as water-wise landscaping by using drought-tolerant plants and grasses, selecting plants that require little water and conserving water through creative landscaping.

Xeros is Greek for “dry” and Scape as in landscape or “scene.”


  1. Plan & Design (Planting with thought) – Use trees for shade by windows, rooftops & gardens as this might save energy with heating and air.
  2. Irrigate Efficiently – Water deeply and infrequently to develop deep roots, water at night to reduce losing water to evaporation, and install a rain sensor to shut off watering when it rains.
  3. Create Practical/Limited Turf Areas –Manageable sizes, shapes and right drought-resistant grasses.
  4. Mulch – Help retain water or conserve soil moisture, reduce soil temperatures, keep plant roots cool, and reduce unsightly weeds.
  5. Soil Amendments – Use compost, leaf mold or manure.
  6. Select Low Maintenance and Low Water Requiring Plants – Use native plants and ornamental grasses. Group plants together with similar sunlight and water requirements.
  7. Maintenance –Aerate and mow turf, remove weeds and prune plant material (use the debris for composting).

By Tori Bondy

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