Faces of DENTCO: Kimberly - DENTCO

Faces of DENTCO: Kimberly

Faces of DENTCO Kimberly - Quality Service AssistantEmployee Name:

Quality Service Assistant

Official Start Date:
August 20, 2015

What Has Been Your Key to Success?
Being able to communicate with others and treat others the way I would like to be treated.

What Do You Consider Your Greatest Career Accomplishment?
My greatest accomplishment was when I came to work for Dentco and can work with people that not only take care of you as an employee but treats you as if you were their family member.

If You Could Provide Advice to a DENTCO Teammate, What Would It Be?
Communication & a positive attitude. Communication with other teammates helps all involved to be on the same page so that nothing gets messed up in the process and remember: Positive thoughts generate positive feeling and attracts positive life experiences.

What Do You Enjoy Doing Outside of Work?
I enjoy hanging out with my Sugar Gliders I have 9 of them, camping, riding bikes, golfing with my husband and son, gardening and any type of crafts and craft shows.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a DENTCO Teammate?
I enjoy the family oriented atmosphere and how Dentco takes care of you in any situation that may arise. Dentco has treated me like family and I have never worked for such a great company.

What is Your Favorite Memory as a DENTCO Teammate?
I love the Spirit Week that we have because you get to hang out with the people that are out in the field and get to know them better being face to face and the fun that we all have when we are together as one team in one place.

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