Faces of DENTCO: Chuck - DENTCO

Faces of DENTCO: Chuck

Chuck is a Quality Service Inspector for DENTCO

Meet Chuck, Quality Service Inspector at DENTCO

Employee Name:



Quality Service Inspector

Official Start Date:

March 2016

What Has Been Your Key to Success?

The ability to stay focused on achievable goals when confronted with difficult choices.  Having been employed in Federal, State and Local Governments for more than 35 years, the path to accomplishing assigned tasks can become cloudy and full of “noise” when policy makers are overwhelmed with unverified information.  Thankfully I was blessed with the ability to discern a clear path to do the “right thing” and policy makers who supported that effort.

What Do You Consider Your Greatest Career Accomplishment?

Being the first family member to graduate from a University.  (University of South Carolina)

If You Could Provide Advice to a DENTCO Teammate, What Would It Be?

Take a quiet moment and reflect on a person who you love very much and perhaps would give your life for theirs. Firmly implant that person in your mind and then treat every fellow Team Mate, Customer and person you come into contact with, the same way you treat the person you love most.

What Do You Enjoy Doing Outside of Work?

Collecting old dairy milk bottles from dairies in the South Eastern United States, researching their history and writing about them.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a DENTCO Employee?

The independent work environment while conducting inspections of Customer Properties.  It feels great to have Supervisory support from the Main Office who care about you while allowing the freedom to conduct a fair assessment of how our Contract Providers are performing their assigned tasks.

What is Your Favorite Memory as a DENTCO Teammate? 

The fellowship between Ron and fellow QSI Trainees while undergoing initial QSI training at DENTCO Headquarters in Dewitt.  It was a good week in gaining understanding of the important details of becoming proficient in Quality Service.  I appreciated his attention to detail while keeping a sense of humor through it all.

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