Faces of DENTCO: Amy - DENTCO

Faces of DENTCO: Amy

Faces of DENTCO: AmyEmployee Name:



Project Manager

Official Start Date:


What Has Been Your Key to Success?

Organization, an excellent understanding of the landscape industry and great mentors during the first few years.

What Do You Consider Your Greatest Career Accomplishment?

Having a couple of jobs I co-designed in magazines.

If You Could Provide Advice to a DENTCO Teammate, What Would It Be?

Be organized with everything and don’t delete anything.

What Do You Enjoy Doing Outside of Work?

Kayaking, hiking, fishing, spending time with my friends and family.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a DENTCO Teammate?

The family atmosphere.

What is Your Favorite Memory as a DENTCO Teammate?

Spirit week and Kentucky Derby with Ron.

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