Dentco Verified

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Ever wish you could just snap your fingers and all that SVT paperwork would disappear, but your paychecks kept coming? Well, meet DENTCO Verified (DV). Paperwork eliminator and paycheck facilitator in one simple and smart mobile app!

DV App
DV App
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  • DV eliminates SVT chasing. No need to distribute SVTs to your crew. No need to copy, fax or e-mail SVTs to corporate. Just log on and go!
  • DV automatically verifies that corporate got your SVT data. You get peace of mind and immediate credit for your work.
  • DV makes sure you input all the data it needs the first time. No more emails or calls from corporate looking for missing SVTs, so you get paid on time.
  • DV delivers real-time data to customers, and happy customers mean staying customers. A little job security never hurt anybody!
DENTCO Verified

Get on board today. If you’re already a DENTCO Contractor Provider (CP), we will create your account for you. Then, you will just log on to your smart phone or tablet to see how easy it is! If you want a little help getting started, we’ve got that covered too. Once you receive your contract a member of our Contractor Technology Support Specialist (CTSS) team will be in contact with your username and password information and an open invitation to one on one or team training to get you and your team started.

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