DENTCO Featured in RFMA's 2019 Best Practices Publication - DENTCO

DENTCO Featured in RFMA’s 2019 Best Practices Publication

Restaurant Facility Maintenance Association’s (RFMA) 2019 Third Annual Best Practices publication

DENTCO was recently featured in Restaurant Facility Maintenance Association’s (RFMA) 2019 Third Annual Best Practices publication highlighting “Best Practices for Landscape Management.”

Landscape Management is one of the many factors that need to be taken into consideration when managing a restaurant. As a facility manager, ignoring the appearance of your property could negatively impact both the restaurant’s profits and reputation. The objective is to foster a landscape environment that is elegant and visually appealing while also offering functionality and a strong return on investment. First impressions of your premises are key visual aspects of what a customer can perceive as quality- before even stepping through your door. Outsourcing an exterior service management company may allow facility managers to focus more time on core business decisions. If your restaurants experience quality assurance issues, encounter too many liability cases or have trouble completing landscaping specifications for national formats, an ESM company can help keep your current landscaping partner on the job, reduce your exterior spend, eliminate concerns of liability and provide superior service to the exterior. The ESM platform can produce service standardization and cost containment for all your landscaping needs.

Topics within this article discuss best practices for lawn care, mulching, shrubbery planting and care, landscaping enhancement, pest management, traps and lures, weed management, and tree care. This article also focuses on the importance of landscape contracts.

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