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Benchmarking Builds Partnership

Benchmarking opens up an important line of communication between a customer and their vendor. When a vendor utilizes benchmarking as more than just reports and with a broader viewpoint than pointing out failures, it builds a strong foundation for a true partnership.

Benchmarking gives the customer the ability to share their organization’s pains, successes, and goals. It also allows the customer and the vendor a venue for a constructive conversation to review specific needs or how processes can be improved to allow both parties to be successful.

DENTCO believes benchmarking is crucial to our partnerships. It is a foundation in our culture and business practices. DENTCO values the information that can be gathered from the frontlines of our customer interactions. This is why DENTCO self-benchmarks based on the information gathered from our onsite inspections, Customer Service inspection calls, customer inquiries and work orders to name a few.

DENTCO believes it is important to benchmark from the frontlines because every DENTCO team member plays an inherent role in continuing our culture’s commitment to quality. Every DENTCO team member is making the commitment to deliver superior Exterior Services Management and customer focused support. It is this that motivates us to do better.

As National Account Managers we openly share these benchmarking results with our customers to facilitate conversations regarding how we can do better, what is working, and what can we begin to build together for the future.

This year we are celebrating nine customers doing business with DENTCO 10 or more years. Our benchmarking process and our willingness to listen to our customers’ benchmarks have played a major role in this success. If you have a vendor that is not self-benchmarking, it is a good conversation piece to find out why not.

By Angela Hills
Angela Hills

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