The Masters of Exterior Services Management

The First National Exterior Services Management (ESM) Company® in the United States, servicing commercial multi-site customers for over 40 years.

The DENTCO Difference

At DENTCO, we understand the importance of superior exterior maintenance strategies. We focus on improving your bottom line by eliminating potential maintenance issues and creating lasting impressions for your customers. Over the years, our dedicated team of experts, our established process of delivering positive results, and our use of advanced technology has enabled us to maintain a 99% client retention rate.

Contractor Testimonials

  • DENTCO has the best system in superior exterior maintenance. From SVTs (Service Verification Tickets) to knowledgeable QSMs (Quality Service Managers), DENTCO is the best in the industry. Our QSM is available 24/7 and always ready to take on any task. DENTCO's systems make this company the best choice by far in Exterior Services Management!

    Chris Anderson Anderson Lawn & Landscape, LLC
  • DENTCO is one of the best national contractors I have ever worked with; they make the service side of the business a pleasure. The communication I receive from DENTCO is miles above any other national company. The work order process is simple and easy to use and keeps the right people informed of any updates so that everything is clearly defined and understood.

    Tony Fisher Senske
  • DENTCO is one of the best national groups out there. They are fair when determining vendor costs and never take back a percentage after the price is set. The paperwork is simple, and the staff is very accommodating. If there are service issues, they are worked out immediately. If any paperwork is missing, an email notification is sent right away. Most importantly, I have always been paid on time. Thank you DENTCO for a job well done!

    Mary Ann Hnatovic Elgin Sweeping Services, Inc.
  • Dentco has helped us grow leaps and bounds. So much so that it has given us a whole new niche for our business and being able to tackle such large sites now makes it a breeze. Dentco truly has helped us become an industry leader in our area.

    John J. Dreiling Owner
  • DENTCO has been a great company to work with. They always have our best interests in mind, and their billing system ensures payments are on time. Our QSM is our go-to person and is always available when we need assistance. DENTCO's app makes it easy to fix any problems. Overall, a great company!

    Joey Best Best Lawn Care (VA)
  • It has been a great experience working with DENTCO for five years. They have a lot of quality services to offer through their modern technology and procedures. I have also enjoyed working with Frank Baur. He is a true team player, and I am grateful for everything he does. I really enjoy working with the Quality Service Managers, they help make us a great team and keep our clients happy.

    Clarence Thomas Jr. C & J Lawn Care
  • Carey’s Greatlawn started with DENTCO in 2006. I have to say this has been one of the best experiences I have had with a Property Maintenance company. DENTCO has DEFINITELY helped me grown my business. I was skeptical about the app when it first came out but now I wonder why it wasn’t around sooner. I no longer have to keep paper in the truck to get signed. It is a huge time saver. I really like the way DENTCO does the payment schedule. I get a calendar that tells me when each month’s invoices will be paid for the entire year.

    Jeff Carey Careys Greatlawn
  • I have had the pleasure to work with DENTCO for 22 years, 8 at a former company and 14 with my current company. It is no exaggeration that DENTCO has been a blessing for our work. In that time, our business has just blossomed from just a few jobs to thousands over the years. I've always enjoyed working with my QSMs. They are always there to answer any question and to take care of any issues that may arise. Since transitioning to the mobile app, things have been even smoother and more convenient for the crews. I am very grateful to DENTCO for giving me the opportunity to grow my business and expand to different areas in Greater Los Angeles.

    Oscar Solis Golden Coast Landscape
  • Saban Lawn Care LLC has worked with DENTCO for over 10 years. Thanks to DENTCO, we have expanded our commercial contract business, which helped boost our overall revenue. We work on multiple DENTCO contracts simultaneously, and each one is given the same high level of service from their team. If for some reason, we lose a contract, they are quick to replace it with another active client. DENTCO always sticks to its payroll timeline, and if there is an issue, it is resolved quickly without any conflict. Some companies move their staff around from project to project, making it difficult to keep track of who to contact. DENTCO's team stays in their positions long-term, and I never feel like we are getting passed off to someone. The QSMs are quick to answer our calls or work to return calls immediately. DENTCO's mobile app and portal are simple to use and filled with important information. With just a click, I can access payroll, check-ins, contracts, invoices, and work orders. We work with many national property management companies, and DENTCO is by far the most organized. I would recommend DENTCO to any company on either side as a client or a vendor.

    Michael Saban Saban Lawn Care LLC
  • Southwest Environments has worked with DENTCO for four years. In that time, we have been able to grow our client base and bring in new sources of revenue. All of the DENTCO team members we work with, in the office and out in the field, are professional and easy to get in touch with. DENTCO's services, including the app, the payment schedule, and client relations, are the best we have worked with. We are truly grateful to work with such a great company that helps make our lives easier. We love working with DENTCO!

    Jaime Vega Southwest Environments Landscape Services Inc

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