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The Faces Of Dentco

If the heart of DENTCO is our people, then we invite you to get to know them! Meet some of our incredible DENTCO team members and learn more about why the love what they do.

Missy Mox

Customer Service Coordinator

Celebrating 6 months at DENTCO

Q- What drew you to DENTCO?
“When you talk to someone at DENTCO, it is hard not to fall in love. Everyone on the team is passionate about what they do and are always looking for ways to support each other. Taking on a new job during a global pandemic poses a whole new world of challenges. However, the team has worked hard to make every employee feel connected and appreciated. Even though we haven’t met in person, I am confident that any DENTCO team member would step in to help me when I needed it. I think where DENTCO really shines is how cohesive we are as a team. We are all looking to provide the best for our customers and know that we do that better when we work together.”

Angie Anderson

National Account Manager

Celebrating over 6 years at DENTCO

Q- How would you describe DENTCO’s culture?
“Working at DENTCO is about being part of a big family. When our team comes together for potlucks or special events, you just get pulled into the camaraderie. There is this feeling; we are all in this together and that no one is better or more important than anyone else. We often joke that every event we have revolves around food, but when you are with family, that’s what you do! Being a big family, I know I can go to any team member for help through a professional or personal challenge. I think you can only find a culture like that at DENTCO.”

Ron Hart

Assistant Director of Quality Services

Celebrating 2 years with DENTCO

Q- What is the best part of working at DENTCO?
“My favorite part of working at DENTCO is the ability to meet and collaborate with so many different people. As part of my role, I have met dozens of our contractor partners who are passionate about serving. I love helping them and watching as their businesses grow over time. It’s not just our contractors who are a diverse group. The home office team has fantastic chemistry with one another, fostered by the fact that DENTCO invests in its employees’ wellbeing. As a team, we work really well together, navigating challenges in the pursuit of excellent customer service. It’s just a great place to work!”

Tim Decker

Information Systems Manager

Celebrating over 10 years at DENTCO

Q- What do you think makes DENTCO different?
“Every employee at DENTCO is taught from the very first day that their opinion matters. Regardless of your position, it is made very clear that we all play a role in the company’s success which means we all have a voice in what we do. Knowing that a company so deeply appreciates you leads to employees who want to give their all for the business and to one another. Team members are close to one another and support each other through the good times and the bad. DENTCO is different because we lead with our hearts and our customers benefit from that passion.”

Kyle Matson

Procurement Manager

Celebrating 4 years at DENTCO

Q- How would you describe DENTCO to a potential employee?
“There is never a day that I dread or regret going to work. I love my job because every day is different, a new opportunity to make an impact. Working at DENTCO is about being part of the best group of hardworking people you can find. Have a problem? I don’t need to hesitate before calling any member of the team. That team mentality extends to our Contractor Partners across the country. They know that we will always answer their calls and are ready to support them to the best of our ability. There is no place like DENTCO.”

Ben Lott

Accounting Manager

Celebrating 20 years with DENTCO

Q- Why do you think DENTCO is such a special place to work?
“DENTCO has always operated with an employee-first mentality. The company cares deeply about the employees and wants everyone to feel valued. One element that stands out to me is how our management team ensures every employee has a voice and a say in what we do. Our company has also created a sense of tradition through yearly activities and other programs that add a little fun to each day. From spirit week to office events, the team always encourages employees to get involved and embrace the idea that work should be fun.”

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